Knowledge and attitude related to HIV/AIDS among school students: a multicentric study

Maninder Pal Singh Pardal, RajVir Bhalwar, Late Sanjeev Sharma


Background: There seem to be relatively few studies in our country which have assessed the aspect of knowledge, attitude and practices related to HIV/AIDS among school students.

Methods: The present study was a population based, analytical epidemiological design in the settings of an urban population in various schools located in different stations. Data was collected by the authors themselves after personal visits to the schools.

Results: The study revealed that about 83% of the respondents had heard of HIV/AIDS and also identified it as a major public health problem in this country. Relatively fewer students i.e. about 57% knew correctly about the etiology of AIDS, or the difference between HIV and AIDS. Similarly a high proportion i.e. about 87% had correct knowledge about the modes of transmission of the disease. Based on the findings of the study certain recommendations on AIDS education in the reference population have been submitted.

Conclusions: This baseline assessment brings forth the lacunae that are existent in the status of knowledge regarding HIV/AIDS among adolescents who are likely to start their sexual life after just a few years. In particular, a large proportion are unaware about its causation by a microorganism.


Adolescents, AIDS, HIV, Knowledge and attitudes

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