Cigarette smoking prevalence and awareness of its oral health effects amongst medical students in Qassim Region, Saudi Arabia

Alya Fahad Alkhalifah, Poonam Agarwal


Background: smoking is highly prevalent and is considered an epidemic in both developed and developing countries. Smoking has a negative effect on almost every organ in the body and is associated with multiple diseases like cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases, cancers, stroke and oral diseases, reducing the expectancy and quality of life. Author aimed to determine medical students awareness of effects of cigarette smoking on oral health in the Qassim region. To understand their knowledge about specific smoking cigarettes effects on oral health. Prevalence of smoking cigarettes among the medical students.

Methods: A cross-sectional study was conducted among the medical students in the Qassim Region for a period of two months from February to March 2019. An anonymous self- administrated questionnaire.

Results: A total of 194 subjects participated. The prevalence of smoking was 21.1%. Majority of students thought that oral health and smoking are related (89.2%), smoking affected oral cancer (85.6%), and cause tooth staining (90.2%). On the other hand, students less aware of delay of healing (53.6%), inflammation of salivary gland (58.8%) and hairy tongue (76.3%).

Conclusions: After completing this study, it was concluded on the basis of our findings that the students have moderated awareness about the different ill effects of smoking on oral health. Thus, a lot of awareness programs about the ill effects of smoking on oral health care should take place at regular time intervals at different venues so that the more and more students feel motivated to quit smoking.


Age, Awareness, Cigarettes, Medical student, Oral effect, Prevalence smoking, Sex

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