A study to assess the awareness and practice regarding utilization of sanitary toilet in the rural villages of Kalaburagi district

Sunil Deshmukh, Shreeshail Ghooli, Ravi S. Kurle


Background: As there is some improvement in sanitary latrine use and safe disposal of child faeces which is the one of the important goal of millennium development goals, awareness, practice and lack of community and household sanitary latrines is still a major problem. The objective was to study awareness and practice about use of sanitary latrine in villages.

Methods: The study was undertaken to assess the knowledge, attitude and practice in rural villages of Kalaburagi District, Karnataka, India. The study sample consist a total of 500 participants.

Results: The prevalence of usage of sanitary latrines was 40%. The prevalence of open air defecation in the study was 97.4%. There was significant association between belief, low standard of living and open air defecation.

Conclusions: To overcome the underutilization problem of sanitary latrines in rural areas is to provide quality household and community sanitary latrines along with the provision for creating awareness among the population regarding the benefit of using sanitary latrine.


Attitude, Knowledge, Sanitary latrine

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