Comparative study of pap smear and colposcopy guided biopsy in a district medical college

Bhanu Rekha Subramanyam, Hemasree Garlapati


Background: Cancer cervix is the second most gynaecological and in India, one in fifty women suffer with cancer cervix and hence intense screening is mandatory.

Methods: This prospective study was conducted in SVS Medical College, a district tertiary centre. 100 women who presented to gynaecology outpatient department who fulfilled all the inclusion criteria were subjected to pap smear and colposcopic guided biopsy. The data was correlated and compared to critically evaluate the sensitivity and specificity of colposcopy versus Pap smear in the early detection of dysplasia.

Results: Colposcopy has far better sensitivity than Pap smear and almost negligible difference in specificity.

Conclusions: Colposcopy is definitely more sensitive and accurate than pap smear and can be included as the primary screening in district hospitals as a primary screening tool in detecting cancer cervix.


Cervix, Screening, Pap smear, Colposcope, Biopsy

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