Prevalence of depression among the elderly in urban area of Perambalur district

Nirmal S. Raveendran, Abinaya Ravi, Rock Britto, Saranya Sankar, Sharathkumar Ramachandran, Santhosh Balamurugan, Bharathwaj Panchanathan


Background: Depression at any age needs attention. Geriatric population being most vulnerable, are more prone to many morbidities, physically and mentally. Geriatric depression is one among them which needs prompt attention. The objectives of the present study were to estimate the prevalence of geriatric depression and association of depression with various sociodemographic factors.

Methods: A cross sectional study carried out among 300 geriatric subjects. A structured interview schedule was used to collect data.

Results: The prevalence of depression was found to be 44.4%. Female gender, marital status, family type was found to be positively associated with depression.

Conclusions: Geriatric depression in our study is found to be on little higher side. Lifestyle modifications and support from family members are needed to improve the quality of life of these people. 


Geriatric depression, Prevalence, Sociodemographic factors

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