Impact of educational intervention on the tuberculosis knowledge among the medical students, Chennai

Aravind Manoharan, Vinoth Gnana Chellaiyan, Jasmine M., Fasna Liaquathali


Background: Knowledge of tuberculosis has recognized as important tool to prevent the occupational risk of contracting tuberculosis among the medical students. Though tuberculosis health education has been recognized in the medical college’s curriculum, the studies suggest the lack of knowledge of this killer disease among the medical students. This study was conducted with objective to assess level of knowledge of tuberculosis among the medical students and impact of education intervention on their knowledge.

Methods: A quasi experimental study was conducted in a tertiary care teaching hospital, Chennai from January to March 2019 with a sample size of 119. The participants were assessed using a pre-tested, semi- structured questionnaire. An educational intervention was given through audio visual aid and post-test was conducted after one month. The median scores were calculated and Wilcoxon signed ranks test was applied.

Results: Among the study participants, the mean age was 20.32±0.7 years. There was a significant improvement in the adequate knowledge of etiology, risk factors, clinical features and treatment following health education intervention. The post-test median score was statistically significant in all the domains of knowledge.

Conclusions: The study showed poor existing knowledge of tuberculosis among the medical students which improved with an educational intervention which implies a need to revamp the undergraduate curriculum to improve the knowledge and practices among medical students.


Educational intervention, Medical curriculum, Medical students, Tuberculosis

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