Breast papillary lesions: a retrospective analysis from oncology set up of Pakistan

Waqas Ahmad, Palwasha Gul, Shahper Aqeel, Eisha Tahir


Background: Papillary lesions of the breast are a heterogeneous group of breast lesions that are difficult to diagnose as benign or malignant. These lesions have varied morphologic features that carry differing prognostic implications for affected patients. Accurate diagnosis is required to ensure that effective treatment is achieved. Papillary lesions can have increased risk of carcinoma and recurrence, in these patients even for lesions yielding a benign concordant diagnosis of papilloma at percutaneous biopsy, surgical excision may be warranted. Malignant lesions are usually surgically treated. Depending on stage-adjuvant chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy is given.

Methods: A retrospective study was conducted at Shaukat Khanum Memorial hospital and Research Centre Lahore Pakistan. We reviewed the electronic records of diagnostic and registered patients from January 2007 till December 2017 in women imaging section, in age range of 25 to 75 years. Total 150 diagnosed patients with benign or malignant breast papillary lesions were selected and their conventional breast imaging (mammography and ultrasound) and histopathology was retrospectively analyzed on SPSS.

Results: Patients were predominantly asymptomatic or on follow-up to an abnormal mammogram. Of the 150 cases most of the patients had intra-ductal papilloma followed by invasive papillary carcinoma and intra cystic papillary carcinoma. Few patients had intra-ductal papillomatosis and invasive micro papillary carcinoma.

Conclusions: Conventional breast imaging remains the first main stay and quite sensitive in detecting breast papillary lesions leading to early detection and management.



Breast, Papillary lesions, Carcinoma

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