Maternal body weight: as predictor of birth weight of new born

Padmaja R. Walvekar, Bhuvana Gajula


Background: Low birth weight (LBW) is a major public health problem in developing countries, the causes of LBW are multifactorial, associated with maternal, foetal and placental factors. In addition, factors related with maternal anthropometry such as maternal weight, height and BMI also predict anthropometry of new-born. In particular, maternal nutrition during pregnancy has been regarded as an important determinant of foetal growth. Infant size, such as birth weight, was reported to affect not only infant mortality, but also childhood morbidity. To know the association of maternal weight as predictor of birth weight of new-born.

Methods: Study among 700 pregnant women using predesigned and pre-tested questionnaire after taking informed consent. Information was collected regarding socio-demographic data and maternal weight and anthropometry of the new-born was collected.

Results: Our study showed association of maternal weight and birth weight of new-born, there was no association of maternal weight with length and chest circumference of new-born.

Conclusions: In our study association between maternal weight and birth weight of new-born was positively and statistically significant.


Maternal weight, Birth weight, New-born, Anthropometry

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