Identifying the dimensions of occupational stress by factor analysis among policemen in Tamil Nadu

Arjun Loganathan, Perumal Kandasamy Govindarajan, John William Felix


Background: Stress can be defined as a physiological response to physical and mental demands. These stresses can negatively influence the performance and wellbeing of the employees. Police officers are a part of unique occupational population who are exposed various stressful conditions daily. This study attempts to explore factors influencing occupational stress faced by Policemen.

Methods: The study was a cross sectional conducted among the policemen under three subdivisions of Villupuram, Tamilnadu. Operational police stress questionnaire was used to assess the stress levels with 20 statements which were then extracted into four dimensions by factor analysis.

Results: By factor analysis stress was categorized into four factors or dimensions namely social and health related stress, time management stress, emotional stress and work-related stress.

Conclusions: This study highlights that the major dimensions causing occupational stress among policemen which will form a framework for planning programs for stress management. 


Occupational stress, Policemen, Factor analysis, Time management, Emotional, Work

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