Early childhood caries and oral hygiene practices among preschool children in Mangaluru city

Savitha Krishnaswamy, Jagannath Purushotham, Krishna Bhat


Background: Dental caries in young children is a serious public health problem that is highly underestimated in a country like India as it is not life threatening. The rapid westernization and urbanization in Mangaluru city has led to the inclusion of more refined sugars, frequent snacking habit and intake of more chocolates and candies in children, making them more susceptible to early childhood caries (ECC). This study intends to determine prevalence of ECC.

Methods: This cross-sectional study was conducted among 240 preschool children aged 3-6 years studying in private preschools in the North Zone of Mangaluru city, Karnataka, India. Data collection was done using semi-structured and self-administered questionnaire given to the parent; examination of the child’s oral cavity was also done.

Results: The prevalence of ECC in preschool children in Mangaluru City was 57.5%. A statistically significant association was seen between oral hygiene practices and father's education level (p=0.033). The oral hygiene practices were found to be satisfactory with the majority (62.1%) of them following good oral hygiene practices.

Conclusions: Lack of awareness about ECC has further contributed to the increase in the prevalence and severity of the problem hence revealing the need for effective preventive methods. 


ECC, Preschool children, India

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