Assessment of vaccine management in cold chain points of Jashpur and Sarguja districts of Chhattisgarh

Nitin H. Kamble, Daneshwar Singh, Harshal G. Mendhe, Kiran Makade


Background: It has been observed that besides intensification of routine immunization, more strategic interventions are essential to strengthen the different aspects of immunization services like cold-chain management and monitoring/supportive supervision. The present study was considered as a part of ongoing UNICEF funded project on Supportive Supervision of Routine Immunization in Jashpur and Sarguja districts undertaken by the Department of Community Medicine, GMC Rajnandgaon with the objectives to assess the status of cold chain equipment and logistics management practices, knowledge and practice of cold chain handler (CCHs) about cold chain equipment and logistics management.

Methods: A cross-sectional facility based study was conducted from August 2017 to February 2018. Among 18 cold chain points (CCPs), 9 from Jashpur and 9 from Sarguja district were considered for analysis using structured questionnaires provided by UNICEF.

Results: In 83.33% CCPs cold chain technician or annual maintenance contract/computer-mediated communication service provider visit for preventive maintenance in the last 4 months. Vaccine CCHs carries out the daily and weekly planned preventive measures as per the checklist in 83.33% CCPs during our visit. In all CCPs iced line refrigerator (ILR) and deep freezer (DF) were placed as per specified guidelines. In 66.66% CCPs there was documentation of monthly review of temperature records. In all CCPs visited standard vaccine and logistics stock/issue registers were available.

Conclusions: Most of the components of cold chain and logistics management practices were satisfactory while there is a gap in other components which needs to be improved by means of ongoing project of strengthening of SSRI in both districts.


Cold chain, Vaccine CCHs, CCPs, Cold chain equipment, ILRs, DFs

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