A study on nutritional status and environmental conditions of school children residing in social welfare hostels in urban area of a South Indian city

Chandrashekharvaraprasadrao Dimmala, Kalyanchakravarthy Burra


Background: Nutrition plays a vital role, as inadequate nutrition during childhood may lead to malnutrition, growth retardation, reduced work capacity and poor mental and social development. The school age period is nutritionally significant so this study aims is to evaluate the present scenario of nutritional status and environmental conditions of schedule caste school children residing in social welfare hostels.

Methods: A community-based cross sectional study was taken up in 9 social welfare hostels in urban Vijayawada city. 312 students were studied in a period of one year, from October 2012 to October 2013. Nutritional status of children was assessed by anthropometric measurements viz BMI, Hb levels. Environmental conditions of the hostel were assessed after thorough inspection of all the environmental conditions. Data was analysed using SPSSv20.

Results: Prevalence of underweight was more in boys compared to girls with (27.9%) of boys with grade III thiness as compared to (11.50%) of girls and overall prevalence of underweight of 39.1% in boys as compared to 31.1% girls. Overall prevalence of anaemia was found out to be 97.7% with girls 53.5% and 44.2% in boys. Overcrowding is seen in all the hostels studied. All the rooms are adequately ventilated, and lighting was adequate. Sanitation is found to be satisfactory.

Conclusions: This study found out that prevalence of anaemia (97.7%) and malnourishment was high in majority of school children in social welfare hostels.



Social welfare hostels, Underweight, Anemia, Sanitation

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