Morbidity profile and anthropometry among the elderly in an urban slum in Mumbai

Jerome G. Thampi, Rujuta Hadaye


Background: Geriatric health is gaining in urgency and importance as the world is moving into the later stages of the demographic cycle. Nutritional status of the elderly is a major determinant of their overall health.

Methods: The present study is a healthcare facility-based, cross-sectional study among geriatric patients attending the chronic disease clinic focusing on the morbidity profile and anthropometry. Sample size was 89. The measurements done were calf circumference (CC), mid-upper arm circumference (MUAC) and BMI.

Results: More than half the study subjects had three or more chronic morbidities. The prevalence of undernourishment based on calf circumference and MUAC were 11.2% and 12.4% respectively. The correlation between BMI, CC and MUAC were all found to be strong and statistically significant.

Conclusions: Both CC and MUAC can be adapted for use in primary care settings to rapidly assess nutritional status of the elderly and plan management protocols.


Geriatric, Anthropometry, Calf, Mid-upper arm, Body mass index

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