Perceptions of undergraduate medical students about teaching-learning methods adopted by faculty members in community medicine

Usha Rani C., S. Aruna Devi


Background: Effective learning is closely associated with effective teaching. Achieving effective learning requires a student cantered and outcome-focused approach.4 Various interactive techniques like Problem Based Learning (PBL), facilitated group discussion, E-learning, Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCS) etc., are being implemented in TL sessions in medical schools. These methods are found to be effective to foster better learning among medical students. The present study was an attempt to understand the perceptions of undergraduate medical students, posted at Government Medical College and Hospital, Mehabubnagar, Telangana about different teaching methodologies

Methods: A cross sectional study was conducted among 56 MBBS students of 4th semester. A pre-tested, self-administered, structured questionnaire was devised which consisted of ten questions with three to four options each. Study participants were asked to fill up the questionnaire under strict supervision and they were allotted 15 minutes to complete the same. Entire data was entered into Microsoft Office Excel Sheet and analysed.

Results: Out of 56, 32 (57.14%) female students and 24 (42.85%) male students voluntarily participated in the study. large number of participants i.e., 66.07% thought that FGD is the best method of teaching. Most of participants i.e. 96.42% had favourable attitudes towards PPT as they felt that it improves their learning.

Conclusions: Maximum number of undergraduate medical students knew about E learning. Facilitated Group Discussion (FGD) was the most preferred teaching learning methodology by students. The majority of them had positive perceptions towards the use of Power Point Presentation (PPT) as a powerful teaching tool in medical education.


Students, Perceptions, Teaching, Education, Questions, Supervision

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