Published: 2019-07-26

Adherence to anti-retroviral therapy and factors influencing it among HIV/AIDS adult patients in Agra: a cross-sectional study

Sunil Kumar Meena, Rudresh Negi, Shailendra Singh Chaudhary, Sunil Kumar Misra


Background: HIV/AIDS remains a significant global public health problem. With approximately 56% HIV patients in India receiving treatment, adherence to drugs is a crucial element for successful management. Sustainable development goals, National Strategic plan for HIV/AIDS and STI (2017-24) and 90-90-90 target pushing towards ending of AIDS epidemic require adequate adherence and this research estimates the adherence, associated factors and reasons for non-compliance.

Methods: This analytical cross sectional study was undertaken on 160 HIV patients from an ART Centre. A pre-structured, pilot tested, face validated questionnaire was used and data collected by face to face interviews, through random selection of participants from outpatient department register. Data was analysed using Epi Info software and chi squared test applied.

Results: Of the 160 study subjects, 86.8% remained adherent to the treatment with forgetfulness (71.4%) being the most common cause for non-adherence. Statistically significant treatment adherence was observed to be associated with socio-economic status (p=0.021) and period elapsed since diagnosis (p=0.041).

Conclusions: Improving adherence to drug therapy through intensive counselling, streamlined drug supply and increased family participation would go a long way in reducing the menace of HIV. 


HIV, AIDS, Adherence, Treatment

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