Awareness about organ donation in medical and non medical students in Patan city of Gujarat, India

Jatinkumar Amaliyar, Punit Patel


Background: More than 4 lakh Indians require transplantation annually. However, not even 10% get it. Awareness, positive attitude and consent by relatives for organ donation in brain death patient are the prerequisites organ donation. Lack of understanding, religious attitudes along with myths and misconceptions added to the low percentage of organ donation. To bridge this gap we have conducted this research.

Methods: A cross sectional study was conducted among 300 students of last 4 semesters after getting permission was obtained from Institutional Ethics Committee and principals/dean of above mentioned colleges. Self-administered questionnaires were allotted to students. Questionnaire contained demographic information and questions regarding the knowledge and attitude toward organ donation. After answering, the answer sheets were collected for evaluation.

Results: Satisfactory knowledge was observed regarding consent before OD (58.0%), organ transplantation act (70.6%) and, risk involved in OD (77.7%). However, low level of awareness was found about legalisation of brain death (39.3%), organ donation centre (29.3%) and organ donation card (11.3%) was very low among students. About 3/4th of students (78.3%) were willing to be a donor, and their preferences of the recipient were 49.7% for family members, 31.3% for friend, 24.2% for relative and 43.6% for unknown person.

Conclusions: There is gap between knowledge and attitude about OD among youth. Media should take up the initiative of broadcasting of the legislative laws related to process of OD and also information regarding organ donation card, organ donation centre.



Organ donation, Student, Awareness, Attitude

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