An epidemiological study of risk factors of cardiovascular diseases among medical students in a metropolitan city

Sudam R. Suryawanshi, Sharon S. Sonawane


Background: Life-style related risk factors are mainly implicated for increased burden of cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) globally. In India, 21.1% total deaths in 2010 were due to CVDs. Compelling evidence shows that India stands to lose $2.17 trillion (of 2010 dollars) between 2012- 2030 due to CVDs. A study related to cardiovascular risk behaviour among medical students is essential, considering their role as future physicians and role models in public health intervention programs. There are very few studies among the budding physicians, especially in India.

Methods: This cross sectional study was carried out among 240 undergraduate MBBS medical students in a metropolitan city. Data was collected by using a semi-structured questionnaire consisting of close and open ended questions. Assessment of demographic profile, medical profile, alcohol use, dietary habits, physical activity and stress (PSS-10) was done. The data was entered in Microsoft Excel and analysed using SPSS 20 statistical software. Descriptive statistical measures like percentage, mean and standard deviations were calculated. An inferential statistical measure like Chi square was applied.

Results: Out of total 9 risk factors, the prevalence of ≤3 risk factors was 56.7% and ˃3 risk factors were 43.3%. 100% medical students had unhealthy dietary habits, 90.8% had stress, 59.6% had pre-hypertension/hypertension and 43.3% had insufficient physical activity. Gender and Hostel dwellers showed significant association with >3 risk factors.

Conclusions: All medical students had one or more risk factors which would lead to early onset of cardiovascular diseases in near future.


Lifestyle, Risk factors, Medical students

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