Pattern of internet use and prevalence of internet addiction among interns of a medical college in Kerala

Paul Daniel


Background: Exponential increase in use of smartphones and availability of internet services makes the students and young doctors prone to internet addiction. The interns are particularly at risk because of their unique communication and academic needs. The study was conducted to evaluate the pattern of use of internet and prevalence of internet addiction among interns.

Methods: This cross-sectional study was conducted using an online questionnaire related to internet use and Young’s internet addiction test.

Results: All interns were using smartphones and 96.3% of them used internet daily. About 80% of them started using internet before the age of 19 years. Duration of use of internet exceeded three hours a day among 40% of them during weekdays. During the weekends 60% of interns used internet for more than three hours per day. All of them were using internet for communication specially for instant messaging. Another common use was social networking by 90% of them. Educational purpose, file sharing, web browsing and listening to music or news were also done using internet. Prevalence of internet addiction among interns was 47.9% (Mild – 36.3%, moderate – 11.3% and severe – 1.3%).

Conclusions: Prevalence of internet addiction is high among the interns. Efforts should be taken to enhance awareness and prevent internet addiction among them.


Internet use, Internet addiction, Interns, Medical college, Kerala

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