Screening for dementia in older adults using Mini-Cog scale from a rural setting of Kashmir division

Yasmeen Jan, Beenish Mushtaq, Ashfaq Ahmad Bhat


Background: Dementia is common in the geriatric population. It has been suggested that early detection leads to benefits for the patient and their family and cuts the costs. The solution to this problem lies in the development of brief and easily applicable tests that are acceptable to patients, their caregivers, and health professionals. The current study was undertaken for screening for dementia using Mini-Cog scale.

Methods: Cross sectional study from District Budgam of Kashmir Division done on individuals aged >60 yrs after providing informed consent. All participants underwent comprehensive evaluations using the Mini-Cog scale for Dementia.

Results: The overall prevalence of dementia was 57.5%. Majority of the individuals with dementia were illiterate (49.8%) and had completed up to primary education (63.2%). However no statistical significance was seen between marital and educational status with dementia. About 70.8% of the individuals with dementia were not aware of the availability of facilities related to mental issues.

Conclusions: Need of the hour is to develop culturally appropriate interventions that could be integrated with dementia services within the primary health care system.



Dementia, Mini-Cog scale, Geriatrics

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