A cross sectional study on alcoholism and its comorbidity patterns among urban adult population in Salem Tamil Nadu


  • Dhanasekar Gurupatham Department of Community Medicine, Annapoorna Medical College and Hospital, Salem, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Jeevithan Shanmugam Department of Community Medicine, KMCH Institute of Health Sciences and Research, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India




Alcoholism, Co-morbidities, Unemployment, Hospitalisation


Background: Alcohol use is associated with serious public health problems thereby raising the global morbidity and mortality. The main aim of this study is to estimate the prevalence of alcoholism and its co morbidity pattern among urban adult population in Salem district, Tamil Nadu.

Methods: A community based cross-sectional study was carried out among urban adult population in Salem district involving 493 participants. Convenient sampling method was used. Informed consent was obtained from each participant and information was collected by using a predesigned structured questionnaire. Microsoft Excel 2007 was used for data entry and SPSS version 24 was used for data analysis.

Results: It was found from the study that the prevalence of alcoholism was high. Alcohol use in any form was found in 38% of the study participants. 8% of the participants confessed that alcohol is an eye opener to them. 6% of the participants lost their job and 15% of the participants were hospitalised due to alcohol.

Conclusions: The study showed higher prevalence of alcohol use among urban adult population in Salem district. Awareness about the ill effects of alcoholism among the population and necessary rehabilitation will help to reduce alcoholism consumption and its related disorders.


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