Social anxiety disorder among medical students in a tertiary care hospital in Davangere, Karnataka

Madonna J. D'souza, Arun Daniel J., Muhammed Muntazeem G.


Background: Social anxiety disorder is a common psychiatric illness characterized by fear of being observed and scrutinized by others. It can impair academic performance and can lead to serious withdrawal from society and depression. The objective of the study was to measure the proportion and study the associated factors of Social Anxiety Disorder among students of a tertiary medical college and hospital.

Methods: This hospital-based, cross-sectional study was conducted among the 272 medical students of a Tertiary care medical college and hospital at Davangere, Karnataka from October to December 2018. The social phobia inventory (SPIN) questionnaire was used to diagnose SAD among students.

Results: Social anxiety disorder (SAD) was present among 30.5% (n=83) of the medical students. The female students (31.1%, n=45) documented a higher proportion of SAD compared to male students (29.9%, n=38). There was a higher incidence among above the 20 years age group and Muslims especially girl students.

Conclusions: A higher proportion of medical students had social anxiety disorder which was influenced by increasing age, female gender, Muslim religion and higher academic years of exposure till final year.



Social anxiety disorder, Social phobia, Medical students, Social phobia inventory

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