An epidemiological study of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease among 35 years and above rural population of Gurugram, Haryana

Navneet Aggarwal, Balbir S. Deswal, Shalini Ray, Ved Pal


Background: COPD is 4th leading cause of death worldwide and predicted to be third by 2030. In India, COPD accounts for 7% of deaths and 3% DALYs loss. Study was conducted to Find the prevalence & determinants of COPD among 35 years & above rural population of Gurugram, Haryana and also determine health seeking behavior & economic burden of COPD cases.

Methods: The study was conducted among field practice area of PHC Garhi Harsaru for one year. A total of 1434 individuals 35 years and above of age found in 700 households among were selected by probability proportion to size (PPS) sampling methods. 115 cases detected as cases were matched with equal number of controls matching and Data analyzed.

Results: Prevalence of COPD was 8.02 % among 35 years & above age group. Smoking, passive smoking, biomass fuel smoke exposure, occupational exposure to dust/smoke/gas /chemical vapors at work, frequent respiratory infections, family history of COPD were found important determinants of COPD (P<0.05). Physical activity and body mass index were not found significant contributor on multivariate logistic regression analysis. Among all COPD patients 87.83% seeks immediate medical help in case of any breathing discomfort. Annual economic burden on COPD case was found to be Rs 14804/-.

Conclusions: Smoking, exposure to smoke/dusty /chemical vapors and family history of COPD are main determinant of COPD. Public health planners should concentrate to mitigate these causes.


COPD, Spirometry, Risk factors, Health seeking behavior, Economic burden

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