Performance assessment of public health center in pare-pare, South Sulawesi

Ajeng Dyah Pythaloka, Darmawansyah ., Muhammad Asdar


Background: Customer (patient) satisfaction in health services is very important to note because it can describe the quality of services in the health service. This study aims to determine the level of performance assesment of public health centers relating to the quality of public health centers service, management of public health centers and health services based on patient satisfaction in the public health center in Parepare, South Sulawesi.

Methods: The research method is quantitative with survey research to determine the level of reseach results on public health centers about patient satisfaction.

Results: The results of the study indicate that performance assessment is in the form of the quality of service possessed by the public health center obtained an average performance value of 8.8 with a good performance category. Management of the public health center obtained an average performance value of 8.9 with a good performance category. Health services obtained an average performance value of 90.7% with sufficient performance categories. Customer satisfaction obtained an average value of 71.1% in the good category.

Conclusions: Service quality of public health center has a good performance, health center management has good performance, health services have sufficient performance, customer satisfaction has a good category. So that the average performance of the public health center has results comparable to the results of customer satisfaction, which is a good category.


Performance, Service, Satisfaction, Public health center

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