Evaluation of impact of educational intervention on knowledge and practice regarding breast self-examination among paramedical workers in a teaching hospital Maharashtra, India

Shubhada Sunil Avachat, Vijaya Jayant Thipse, Sandip Arunrao Joshi


Background: Breast self-examination (BSE) is an appropriate strategy for early case detection and improve survival of breast cancer and is probably the most feasible approach to wide population coverage in many developing countries. Health workers play a key role in disseminating the knowledge in community however several studies conducted in different countries documented poor knowledge among them. Hence present study was conducted to evaluate the change in knowledge level after educational intervention about BSE among paramedical workers.

Methods:  An interventional study was conducted among 80 paramedical workers (nurses, lab technicians and social workers) of a teaching hospital and changes in knowledge were assessed with the help of pre designed questionnaire. Data was analyzed using appropriate statistical techniques.

Results: The mean score of knowledge changed from 8.55 to 12.48 after the training. Majority of the paramedical workers (73%) had poor or average knowledge about BSE and significant improvement occurred in the knowledge level after the intervention.

Conclusions: The knowledge regarding BSE was poor or average among the paramedical workers and educational intervention positively changed the knowledge level among them and almost all paramedical workers desired to impart this knowledge to the community.


Paramedical workers, BSE, Educational intervention

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