Study of perception and behaviour in patients with coronary heart disease about risk factors and life style modification in tertiary care hospital, Bhavnagar

Pooja A. Chauhan, Atul Trivedi


Background: Non-communicable diseases are now the major cause of death in India, with cardiovascular diseases being the dominant cause. Very few studies had been done regarding patients perception of risk factors, behaviour change and counselling. So this study is based on patient perspective and role of health education for patients. The objective of the study was to identify the risk factors of CHD, to assess behaviour changes whether lifestyle and habits modified by patients of CHD, to assess perception, to assess effectiveness of counselling.

Methods: A cross-sectional study was conducted in 174 patients attending follow up Out Patient Department in Tertiary Care Hospital, Bhavnagar using questionnaire which includes personal data, BMI, history of risk factors, behaviour change and medical counselling. Data was analyzed by epi info and appropriate statistical tests were applied.

Results: Total 73 patients were addicted to tobacco; smoking or alcohol. Mean duration of addiction was 22.43 years. Counselling was given by doctors at the time of illness to 94% patients. Counselling regarding disease, risk factors, lifestyle modification has got positive effect in 96% patients and only 4% patients were in need of further future counselling.

Conclusions: More and more emphasis should be given to preventive aspect and population should be given counselling before actual illness.


Coronary heart disease, Counselling, Life style modification, Risk factors

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