A study on awareness of HIV/AIDS among adolescent school girls in an urban area of North Bengal, India

Romy Biswas, Raktim Bandyopadhyay


Background: HIV/AIDS has recognized throughout the world as the important public health problem and adolescents are at greater risk of having this infection because of varying behavior pattern. Adolescents need correct information to prepare them to make better choices in sexual behavior. The present study was conducted to find out the existing knowledge regarding the causes, modes of transmission, prevention and social impact of AIDS.

Methods: Setting based cross-sectional study done in the secondary and higher secondary students of Siliguri Girls School during July-September 2018. A self-administered, well designed pretested semi structured questionnaire with anonymity of the respondent was used for data collection with the help of interview.

Results: 66.2% of girls knew sexual intercourse as the primary route of transmission whereas 22.9% knew airborne as the method. 60.8% of them thought isolation could prevent HIV/AIDS and safe sex can prevent transmission 59.4%. All the correct four routes of transmission were known by only 14.2% of students.12.55 of them knew about AIDS vaccine. Working with AIDS patient, using same toilet or sharing meals or swimming were the common myths among them to contract HIV/AIDS.

Conclusions: Prevention being the only strategy available for HIV/AIDS is of utmost importance that knowledge regarding its various aspects should be dispersed among the adolescents through addition of chapter of AIDS and sex education in school curriculum.


Knowledge, Students, Myths, HIV/AIDS

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