A study on impact of training programme on knowledge of maternal health care among ASHA workers in a tribal population of Tamil Nadu

Mohamed Jainul Azarudeen, M. Buvnesh Kumar, M. Logaraj, Balaji Ramraj


Background: Accredited Social Health Activist (ASHA) forms the backbone of NRHM who provides promotive, preventive, and curative health facilities in especially the vulnerable groups. There is a need to comprehensively look into the knowledge and performance of ASHA in terms of her job responsibilities in maternal health, hence this study was conducted to assess knowledge regarding maternal health care among the ASHA workers and to assess the impact achieved after the training programme.

Methods: Community based interventional study was conducted among ASHA’s in Jawadhu Hills between April to July 2017, a pretested semi structured questionnaire was administered to elicit the knowledge of ASHA in regard to maternal health care. After the initial assessment, an intervention training programme was conducted based on a module prepared in their native language and post training assessment was done after two months. The statistical tests used were proportions, chi-square test. A p value less than 0.05 was considered to be significant.

Results: Based on the initial assessment around 60% of ASHA knew about the core ANC, which statistically (p<0.05) improved after the training programme. Based on danger signs of pregnancy less than 10% knew about vaginal bleeding (3.8%), swelling of legs (4.8%), visual disturbances (6%) which statistically (p<0.05) improved after the training.

Conclusions: Knowledge of ASHAs on various aspects of maternal health care was moderately adequate, before the training programme and it was significantly improved after the training programme, which shows that there is a need for regular fixed training programme to maintain the performance of ASHA.



ASHA, Tribal health, Maternal health care

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