Evaluation of vaccine storage and cold chain management practices during intensified mission Indradhanush in community health centers of Tikamgarh district of Madhya Pradesh

Ram K. Panika, Pankaj Prasad, Sunil Nandeshwar


Background: Vaccination is one of the most effective disease prevention strategies and potency of vaccine is dependent on effective management of cold chain at all levels of vaccine handling. An effective cold chain maintenance system is the backbone of success of any immunization program. This study was done to assess the cold chain management and vaccine storage practices in Tikamgarh district of Madhya Pradesh.

Methods: Cross-sectional study was carried out using a structured questionnaire.

Results: Dedicated room/space for dry storage not available in any of 03 CHCs. Dedicated table for conditioning of icepacks, dedicated clean clothes for wiping of icepacks after conditioning and power back up was available, ILR and DF were connected to separate functional voltage stabilizer and thermometers were placed correctly only in 66.6% CHCs. ILRs and DFs were properly placed, cabinet temperature of ILR and DFs was maintained in normal range in all the three (100%) CHCs. Record of power failure, records of defrosting/cleaning was maintained in temperature log book and cold chain handlers had knowledge of shake test in only 33.3% CHC.

Conclusions: Proper vaccine storage and management of cold chain system is essential for immunization. In order to improve quality of immunization services there is a need of space, temperature monitoring and regular defrosting with record keeping and regular training of cold chain handlers to keep their knowledge and skills updated. Monitoring and supervision of cold chain points by DIO should be on regular basis.



Cold chain, Cold chain handler, ILRs, DFs

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