Unusual recurrent skin lesions: Bazin's disease

Muayad A. Merza, Dalshad K. Adham, Rafil T. Yaqo


A 46 year old Iraqi Kurd female patient was presented with recurrent round erythematous skin lesions on her upper and lower extremities mainly calves, lower abdomen, and buttock for 3 years. Routine laboratory investigations were unremarkable; however, based on strongly positive tuberculin skin test, positive interferon gamma release assay, histo-pathological findings and a response to anti-TB treatment, she was diagnosed with Erythem Induratum of Bazin (EIB). The patient was treated successfully with combination anti-TB drugs. The skin lesions disappeared after 2 months of the treatment. There was no recurrence of the lesions over a 6 month follow up period.


Erythema induratum of Bazin, Tuberculosis, IGRA, Iraqi Kurdistan

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