Published: 2018-12-24

Seasonal variation of allergy profile of patients visiting a tertiary care hospital in hilly areas of Himachal Pradesh

Manpreet S. Nanda, Rama Devi


Background: Allergic diseases are very common and are caused by allergen whose role varies according to climate changes. Not many studies are available regarding the same in our region. Skin prick test is a diagnostic procedure for allergy testing. The aim of the present study was to find out the seasonal variation of different allergies in our region.

Methods: A total of 686 patients with allergic complaints were assessed for age and sex distribution, seasonal variation of number of allergy patients and seasonal variation of patient symptoms. 608 patients who gave consent and were found fit for skin prick tests underwent the tests and were analysed for allergy profile of the patients in different seasons.

Results: The majority of patients were females and of younger age group. The majority of the patients had nasal symptoms and these symptoms were more in summer and rainy season during which pine mix and grass pollen were common allergens. Pulmonary symptoms were maximum in winters with dust mite and moulds being the common allergens. Dust mite was overall the most common allergen involved. Sensitization to allergens was less in winter months.

Conclusions: This study focussed on seasonal variation of allergies and found pine mix and grass pollens to be major cause of nasal allergy and dust mite and mould mix to mainly cause pulmonary symptoms.


Allergens, Seasonal variation, Sensitization, Skin prick tests

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