A cross sectional study to assess the operationalization of national tobacco control program in a tertiary level hospital of central India

Rupali Saroshe, Satish Saroshe, Sanjay Dixit


Background: To implement the Anti- Tobacco laws and to sensitize all stakeholders, The National Tobacco Control Programme (NTCP) was launched by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW), Government of India in 2007- 08, during the 11th five year plan. This study aims to identify the level of the awareness of ill health effects of tobacco, the basic tenets of NTCP and COTPA among the hospital staff of the tertiary level medical college hospital (M.Y Hospital Indore) involved in the process.

Methods: An analytical study. Was carried out in tertiary level medical college hospital among service providers involved in anti-tobacco cell using inter-personal interview of the service providers (Medical Officers, Staff Nurses, Health Care Personnel) using pre-designed pretested semi structured questionnaire based on the salient features of NTCP and provisions of COTPA- cigarettes and other tobacco products act, 2003.

Results: Regarding the ill health effects of tobacco doctors had slightly better knowledge awareness than nurses. However, it was ironical that nurses had a slightly better awareness when it comes to NTCP. Doctors were better aware of new COTPA guidelines as compared to nurses. Thus, nurses had less knowledge about ill effects of tobacco consumption and new COTPA guidelines as compared to doctors.

Conclusions: Although most of the health care personnel involved in operationalization of NTCP are aware of the basic tenets of NTCP, COTPA and ill health effects of tobacco there is a dire need of the refresher training of both the doctors and the nurses. Also this type of the present study should be contemplated on multi-centric basis on a larger scale for better data results.



Tobacco, Smoking, COTPA, NTCP

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