A study of stressful life events in an urban setting

Swati R. Deshpande, Sayali C. Tiwari


Background: Life events may be desirable, undesirable or ambiguous and will trigger highly individualistic reactions. These events, depending upon the nature of their occurrence, might propel an individual into working in a more productive way or they may negatively affect the person. Hence studying these life events, their interplay with human emotions is important.

Methods: This is a community based cross sectional study done in the urban field practice area of a tertiary care hospital. Participants were included in the study using systematic random sampling.

Results: Going on a pleasure trip or pilgrimage was the most commonly reported life event, followed by appearing for examination or interview. Financial problem was the most common undesirable life event as experienced by the participants.

Conclusions: Total number of life events and undesirable events are major contributors to psychological distress.


Life events, Stress, Urban population

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