Simulated transport time to nearest level 1 trauma center in eastern Gyeongnam province, Korea

Yong Han Kim


Severe traumatic patients should be transported to level 1 trauma center within one hour. We investigated simulated transport time and distance from eastern Gyeongnam province to nearest level 1 trauma center in South Korea. This scenario was simulated on web mapping service. Transport time and distance was measured by motor vehicle. We decided that one hour is optimal for appropriate trauma care. Estimated transport time were 40 min, 48 min, 55 min and 1 hour 8 min, respectively (Gimhae, Yangsan, Changwon and Miryang). Nearest level 1 trauma center was Pusan National University Hospital outside Gyeongnam province. Transport of traumatic patient was based on real transfer time above administrative district.


Trauma center, Transport time, Korea

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