Posterior segment eye diseases in Ijebu, Southwestern Nigeria

Tayo Julius Bogunjoko, Adekunle O. Hassan, Adunola Ogunro, Toyin Akanbi, Bidemi Abudu


Background: To review cases of posterior segment eye diseases (PSEDs) seen at the Eye Foundation Centre Ijebu, Nigeria in a 5 year period for planning purposes.

Methods: Data was collected from patients’ case notes from January 2006 to December 2011. A systematic sampling of 468 patients from 1173 case notes of patient with (PSEDs) was done. Information retrieved was: age, sex, state of residence and diagnosis. All patients were examined by the glaucoma and the vitroretinal specialist as the case may be. They had visual acuity, refraction, slit lamp examination (including intraocular pressure (IOP) with Goldman applanation tonometer), and dilated fundoscopy with (bilateral indirect ophthalmoscopy) BIO, slit lamp using 20 D, 78 D and 90 D respectively. The glaucoma patients in addition had central visual field (CVF), Central cornea thickness (CCT), fundus photograph and in some cases optical coherence tomography (OCT) done in addition to the above.

Results: The mean age was 59.98 years (SD 17.67) and the age range is 5-95 years. Males outnumbered females by 63% to 37%. The diseases were more common in age group 61 to 80. Patients’ attendances were mostly from Ijebu division of Ogun state (57%). Glaucoma is the commonest cause of attendance 262 (56%) followed by diabetic retinopathy 29 (6.2%) and age-related macular degeneration (ARMD) 28 (6.0%).

Conclusions: Glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and ARMD were noted as the commonest PSEDs in Ijebu division in Southwestern Nigeria.


Glaucoma, Diabetic retinopathy, Posterior segment eye diseases, Age-related macular degeneration, Blindness, Visual impairment

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