An epidemiological study on effect of occupational exposure of cement

Saji K. G., Zubair M., Sreelatha B. Nair, Varghese P. R.


Background: Construction industry chiefly depends on the cement. The constituents in the cement have various health effects in the exposed group. The present study focused to realize the health effects of cement exposure and duration of exposure.

Methods: The sample size was 831 male workers. The labourers included were construction workers (masons, helpers and concrete mixers) and cement loading and unloading workers. They were categorized in to five groups which were 5-9, 10-14, 15-19, 20-24 and 25+ years based on the duration of exposure to cement. Health hazards among these labourers were categorized in to lung function impairment symptoms, cutaneous symptoms and other symptoms.

Results: High frequency of respiratory tract ailments (persistent cough 54%, breathlessness 47%) was observed among loading workers as they were handling cement dust. Burning was the most observed one in concrete mixer (70%), hair loss and change in hair colour was observed in 60% of all categories of workers. Skin related ailments were more prevalent among masons, helpers and concrete mixers.

Conclusions: The frequency symptoms had correlation with their nature of work in the construction industry. Prolonged exposure to hazardous substances will decline the efficiency of labourers by malfunctioning their physiological functions. Proper awareness about the hazardous substances and well taken precautions among these labours can enhance their efficacy and wellbeing.



Cement exposure, Wet cement, Dry cement, Masons, Loading workers, Health hazards

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