Characteristics and motivation with nurse performance in applying patient safety in hospital

Honesty Diana Morika, Suharizal ., Yasmi .


Background: Nurse performance in patient safety implementation context is closely related to efforts to prevent the impact of unexpected events on patients such as death and permanent disability. The individual performance can be seen from the characteristics and motivation that determine the results of work. Early survey found that there were nurse who did not implemented patient safety. The purpose of this study was to determine the relationship between characteristics and motivation with the performance of nurses in implementing patient safety in the Inpatient Unit of Regional Public Hospital dr. Rasidin Padang.

Methods: The type of research was a cross sectional study. 45 nurses in surgical, child and internal room as sample were taken using simple random sampling technique. Data was analysis with chi square test.

Results: The results of this research are known as age with p value (0.291), gender with p value (1,000), education with p value (0.862), marital status with p value (0.196) and working period with p value 0.247 and motivation with pvalue (0.000).

Conclusions: There was a relationship between motivation and nurses' performance in implementing patient safety.


Patient safety, Performance, Motivation

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