Assessment of knowledge and skill of sahiyya (ASHA) and anganwadi worker on appropriate usage of mother and child protection card in Ranchi, Jharkhand: a cross sectional study

Mithilesh Kumar, Swati Shikha, Vivek Kashyap


Background: Mother and child protection card (MCP card) is a common card to maintain the record of health care delivery including antenatal care, post-natal care and care of the child that can be used by both the health personnel and the beneficiaries. This study was done among Sahiyyas and AWWs to assess their awareness about MCP card, to find out their training status, to assess their knowledge and skill in recording information in MCP card and assess their role perception of MCP card.

Methods: A multi-stage stratified random sampling method was adopted to select Sahiyyas and AWW’s for interview between November 2017 – April 2018 (6 months). 17 Sahiyya and 19 AWWs were interviewed using a pre tested schedule. Templates were generated in MS Excel sheet and data analysis was done using SPSS software (version 20).

Results: All the Anganwadi workers who were included in this study were aware about the MCP card whereas 15 out of 17 sahiyyas had awareness about the existence of MCP card. Training in order to orient the AWW and Sahiyya about using MCP card was very low, only 6 out of 19 (31.6%) of AWW had received training and 8 out of 17 (47.1%) Sahiyya’s were trained. We found that majority of the workers and Sahiyya had knowlwdge about most of the sections and had used it to record information in MCP card.

Conclusions: Sahiyya’s and AWWs were aware about existence of MCP card, and most of them use it, despite very low training status.


Knowledge, Skill, Sahiya, AWW, MCP card

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