Awareness about harmful effects of cigarette smoking among adolescents in Shamirpet mandal, Hyderabad

M. Pavani Varma, K. S. V. Prasad


Background: Tobacco smoking is habit which usually begins in the adolescent age. It is a risk factor for many non-communicable diseases and mortality can be prevented if smoking is quit.

Methods: It is a cross sectional study.2 schools were randomly selected from urban and rural areas in field practice area of Mediciti Institute of Medical Sciences. A GYTS questionnaire is modified to local setting and administered to the students.

Results: A total of 367 students were enrolled. The level of awareness regarding harmful effects of tobacco consumption was good. It was 98.85% in urban areas and 94.84% in rural areas.

Conclusions: As adolescent is the age of habit forming identification of the problem and correcting it at early stage itself will be beneficial for individuals, family and society.



Tobacco smoking, Adolescents, Awareness, Mortality

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