Use of Kirkpatrick’s model for evaluation of reaction and learning of participant of national level workshop on linear regression

Kunal Chatterjee, Arun Kumar Yadav, Ananad N., Awadesh Malik, Atul Kotwal, Renuka Kunte


Background: Workshop is a very useful learning method for increasing the understanding and knowledge of participant. We conducted a workshop and evaluated it using Kirpatrick's model for evaluation.

Methods: A national level workshop was conducted for MBBS and MD students. Feedback about the reaction of the participant was taken at the end of the participant and also a pre-test and post-test assessment was done.

Results: Out of total 28 participants 19 (67.9%) were females and 9 (32.1%) were males. All (100%) attendee said that they liked, enjoyed and considered the training relevant. For learning evaluation the pretest score and posttest score were taken. The average pretest score was 4.1 (SD=2.1). The average posttest score was 6.5 (SD=2.1). The difference was statistically significant (p=0.0002). On question of rating of overall conduct of the workshop 11 (39.3%) rated the workshop excellent, 13 (46.4%) good and 4 (14.29%) did not answer the question. On asking the question on the topic on future workshop they would like to be conducted 16 (57.1%) said multiple linear regression, 12 (42.3%) each on logistic regression and met-analysis, 09 (32.1%) on cox proportional hazard ratio, 3 (10.7%) on SPSS, and 01 (3.5%) on infectious disease modeling.

Conclusions: Evaluation of workshop is important for continuing improvement of teaching learning process. Participant positive feedback and objective evidence of improvement in learning proves effectiveness of the workshop. Kirpatrick’s offers a model for various stages of learning process and can be used for assessment of workshops. 


Workshop, Evaluation, Kirpatrick’s model

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