Impact of educational intervention on awareness of breast cancer among female students of Government College of Nursing, Nagpur

Seema P. Yadav, Niwrutti N. Jiwane, Abhay Dhanorkar


Background: The nurses have a major influence on the behavior  of  our  women,  they  need  to  be knowledgeable themselves about breast cancer risk  factors  and  the  importance  of  early detection through screening,  thereby improving a chance of longer life for the patient. The need of the hour is to create awareness about breast cancer for early management of this disease.

Methods: The present pre-post test study was carried out among female students in a Government College of Nursing in Nagpur to assess the impact of educational intervention on awareness of breast cancer using a predesigned self-administered questionnaire.

Results: The overall knowledge about risk factors, signs and symptoms, diagnosis and treatment modalities of breast cancer of significantly increased from pre test to post test.

Conclusions: The impact of intervention shows significant increase in knowledge of breast cancer.


Pre-post test study, Breast cancer, Intervention

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