Prevalence of overweight and obesity among rural adolescent school students in Kanchipuram district, Tamil Nadu

Raja Danasekaran, Karnaboopathy Ranganathan


Background: Obesity in children and adolescents acts as an independent risk factor in the occurrence of cardiovascular and other non-communicable diseases in their adulthood.

Methods: A cross sectional school based study was done among 934 students aged 14-17 years studying Class 9 to Class 12 in selected four schools of Kanchipuram district in Tamil Nadu, India.

Results: Mean BMI of the study population was 17.78 (SD-3.14). 39 (8.51%) were identified as overweight and 21 as obese (4.58%) among boys. Mean BMI among girls was 18.58 and 44 (9.24%) were identified as overweight and 20 (4.20%) as obese. Among the study population 83 (8.89%) were overweight, 41 (4.4%) were obese and overall the prevalence of overweight and obesity was found to be 13.28%.

Conclusions: Obesity among adolescents is increasing and requires urgent attention. Standardized BMI charts for adolescents to be prepared as per Indian standards.



Adolescent, Obesity, Body mass index, School, Prevention

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