Emergency management of upper gastrointestinal bleeding

Badr Abulhamail, Ali Alamer, Khalid Asiri, Abdullah Alasmari, Ahmed Al Hamad, Aishah Azam, Maryam Turkistani, Abdulaziz Alghonaim, Muhannad Alshehri, Mesfer Alqahtani


Upper gastro intestinal bleeding is one of the most common reasons of emergency department visits, totaling up to 400,000 annual admissions in the United States. Peptic ulcer disease and variceal bleeding are two of the most common causes of GI bleeding. Several studies have been done, and major advancements were made in its management leading to significant drop in morbidity and mortality. Our aim is to study the common causes of upper gastrointestinal bleeding that come to the emergency department and understand the latest guidelines to manage them. We conducted this review using a comprehensive search of PubMed, MEDLINE, and EMBASE from March 1981, through November 2017. The following search terms were used: upper gastro intestinal bleeding, management of upper GI bleeding, variceal bleeding, peptic ulcer bleeding, hemorrhage in the emergency department. Acute upper gastrointestinal bleeding is one of the most common cases encountered in the emergency department and leading to significant morbidity and mortality. Clearing airway and breathing and stabilizing the vitals of the patient by achieving hemodynamic stability and bleeding control is the primary goal in the emergency department.



Upper gastro intestinal bleeding, Management of upper GI bleeding, Variceal bleeding, peptic ulcer bleeding, Hemorrhage in the emergency department

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