Evaluation of visual problems among women IT employees in Chennai

Sivapriya K. R. S., Pankaj B. Shah, Sathiyasekaran B. W. C.


Background: In modern era of civilization, computers have become integral part of day to day life. Software professionals who work on computers for long hours in a day are prone for various health hazards, of which vision is of primary importance. This study was carried out to assess the burden of visual problems among women IT professionals.

Methods: A cross sectional study was carried out among 609 women IT professionals working in an IT company in Chennai. Women with over one year of work experience with computers were included. Symptoms of vision problems were elicited. Visual acuity was measured using Snellen’s chart. Colour vision was evaluated using Ishihara Chart.

Results: Computer vision syndrome was present in 62.6% of the study participants. Blurring of vision was present in 26.6% and irritation in the eyes was present in 25.3%. Prolonged duration of work was significantly associated with visual problems (p<0.05).

Conclusions: Unavoidable exposure to computer at workplace needs to be managed effectively by way of implementing preventive and rehabilitative measures at individual and organizational level.


Asthenopia, Blurring of vision, Computer vision syndrome, IT professionals

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