Awareness and practice of road safety measures among undergraduate medical students of Al Baha University, KSA

Yasir B. Elshambaty, Ibrahim A. El Jack, Saud A. Al Zahrani, Mohammad O. Al Ghamdi, Abdulrazag O. Shaker, Khalid G. Al Ghamdi, Mohammad A. Alelyani


Background: The aim of this study was to assess the level of awareness and practice of road safety measures by medical students of Al Baha University, Saudi Arabia.

Methods: The study was descriptive, cross-sectional, students-based conducted among the students of faculty of medicine, ALBaha University, between 1st to 15th May 2017.

Results: A total of (n=125) students were enrolled and the vast majority (98.4%) of them aged 18-25 years. All of them are male. Around (97.6%) and (96%) of the participants have car and driving license, respectively. The majority (93.6%) of the participants were aware of road traffic regulations. The major (60%) did not receive driving training. Majority of students involved in RTA regardless the Mobile phone use during driving and driving speed. Approximately (70%) of the participants violated the traffic regulations in more than two occasions in the last year, whilst less than one third of the students use the seat belt and small percent do not use the mobile while they are driving. Around (76%) were previously involved in RTA.

Conclusions: The RTAs rate was high among our students regardless their high level of awareness of traffic regulations. Studying medicine had little effect on car driving behaviour. Medical students of Al Baha University had more cars compared to their medical counterparts in the nearby regions, thus the accidents rate was found high. RTAs was multifactorial in our population. Restriction to give the driving license by the authorities is highly recommended.



Awareness, RTA, Medical students, Road safety

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