Risk factors of breast cancer among women admitted to a tertiary care hospital: a case-control study

Jaideep Kumar Chaubey, Padmaja R Walvekar


Background: Breast cancer is the most common diagnosed cancer in women. Regional assessment of risk factors may help to increase awareness and management of breast cancer. The aim was to evaluate the risk factors of breast cancer among women.

Methods: A total of 210 women were included with 42 newly diagnosed breast cancer cases, and 84 women each as hospital and community controls. The data were analyzed using SPSS. Multinomial logistic regression and odd’s ratio was used to find the association of risk factors with breast cancer. The association between the risk factors and breast cancer was analyzed using chi-square test.

Results: The most prevalent age-group was 41–50 years. Significant association was observed between breast cancer and area of residence, religion, education, occupation, type of family, socioeconomic status, attainment of menopause, and breastfeeding when compared among cases and community controls (p<0.05). Significant association was observed between breast cancer and education, occupation, socioeconomic status, attainment of menopause, age at first child, breast feeding, and body mass index among cases and hospital controls (p<0.05). The risk of breast cancer was more in illiterates, women who attained menopause, women in joint family, and high socioeconomic class women when compared among cases and hospital controls and community controls.

Conclusions: The important risk factors of breast cancer include literacy level, occupation and socioeconomic status, attainment of menopause, and breastfeeding. There is a strong need for general public-awareness policies and programs to reduce the prevalence, risks, morbidity, and mortality.



Breast cancer, Risk factors, Incidence, Menopause, Breast feeding

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