Socio-demographic determinants of malnutrition among school going children in an urban slum area of central India with special reference to nutritional anaemia

Tarachand Tukaram Meshram, Ashish Wasudeo Khobragade


Background: Children residing in urban slum area are the most vulnerable. Poverty, illiteracy, neglect of health, low socioeconomic status and non-affordability of quality health care services make them more vulnerable to malnutrition.

Methods: 361 school going children residing in urban slum area were included in study. Socio-demographic details of the children taken from their parents. Health check-up was done.

Results: Prevalence of malnutrition was 40.17%. 17.17% children were underweight and 22.99% were stunted.

Conclusions: Family size and socioeconomic status are the important determinants of malnutrition.


Malnutrition, Slum, Nutritional anaemia, Family size, Socio-demographic

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