A cross sectional study on association between overweight and obesity in adolescent population

Anand Krishna Gorantla, Murari Pradeep Kumar


Background: The rate of malnutrition in India remains high, increase in overweight and obesity have been observed in some areas undergoing rapid economic and epidemiologic transition. The aim was conducted to study association between obesity and overweight in adolescent population.

Methods: A total of 1258 students (males-644; females-614) with an age group 10-19 years were selected from the higher secondary schools and junior colleges in the urban area of Tirupati.

Results: The family history of obesity was reported by 54.7% of adolescents. The prevalence of overweight & obesity among males was found to be slightly higher in male adolescents 14.6% than in female adolescents 13.5%. Prevalence of overweight and obesity combined decreased with increase in the degree of physical activity from 12.7% in mild category to 10.0% in vigorous category and the differences are also found to be statistically significant in the present study.

Conclusions: The present study recommended that the health education destined to inculcate healthy life style practices should be provided at an early age group to reduce the incidence of overweight and obesity in adolescent population. 


Association, Morbidity, Obesity, Overweight

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