Prevalence and determinants of obesity among male secondary schools students in Al Bukhiriyah, Qassim region, Saudi Arabia

Asif Khan, Bader Abdullah AlRshidi, Ibrahim Abdullah AlRshidi, Yousif M. Elmosaad, Mahmoud Jaber


Background: Obesity is a condition associated with the presence of excess fat in the body. It is determined by genetic and environmental factors that are difficult to control when dieting.

Methods: The study population consisted of 254 students randomly drawn from five secondary schools which are present in Bukhiriyah and the students were selected using systemic random sampling method.

Results: Overweight (21.26%) and obesity (17.72%) was more prevalent in students who used vehicles as mode of transport. Overweight (19.29%) and obesity (15.75%) was more prevalent in students who consumed carbonated drinks.

Conclusions: The conclusion of our study was that overweight and obesity were associated with various factors like physical inactivity, soft drink intake, fast food intake and less sleep. 


Obesity, Overweight, BMI, Exercise

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