Open MRS softwares: effective approaches in management of patients' health information


  • Azadeh Bashiri Department of Health Information Management, School of Allied Medical Sciences, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran
  • Marjan Ghazisaeedi Department of Health Information Management, School of Allied Medical Sciences, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran



OpenMRS, Open source softwares, Electronic health record


Today, the complexities of health issues require technologies to improve the quality of health care and maintain healthy individuals. Open source softwares such as OpenMRS are the basis for developing electronic health record systems to manage patient health information. Data model, API, and Web-based application are the three main parts of OpenMRS technical architecture. The core of the Open MRS software includes a web-based application and a number of open source softwares such as My SQL, Mozilla Firefox and Hyper net. These softwares use standards such as XML and X-Form to exchange and display data and enhance collaboration with other systems. Also, they can be manipulated and searched using SQL. Considering the high potential of OpenMRS in reducing the cost of implementation and development of electronic health record systems in developing countries, they can be used to manage information of patients and improve the quality of health services.


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