Published: 2017-10-25

Athletic on-field heart rate: a demand of modern cricket

Faizan -ul-Haq, Uzair Yaqoob, Asma Sarfaraz, Muhammad Mannan Ali Khan


Cricket has transformed very quickly from a gentleman’s game to a game which demand high standard of physical and physiological fitness. Cricket has a diversity of game formats ranging from 5-day test cricket to a shorter but dynamic t20 format. Since last two decades a lot of cricket is being played throughout the year, there is no discrimination of summers and winters as what used to happen during the prior days. For this reason now the standard of physiological demands of this sport has risen too. Good heart rate is always an important aspect of physiological fitness of athletes and it has a mighty impact on the performance of players in the grounds.


Cricket; Acclimatization; Athletic Heart Rate; on-field heart rate; Fitness drills; training

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